Podcast Fellowship

Become A Podcast Scholar:
Step 1)
Step 2)

2. Submit feedback from the class, in writing and on the phone. Feedback includes your main take-away from the class as well as four highlights.

Step 3)

3. Every 3 classes you will receive $45!

Rules and Guidlines:


Students participating in the Podcast Fellowship receive $15 per podcast they complete. 

In order to complete a podcast, participants must:

1. Listen to an APPROVED podcast. 

2. Write notes including the overall message of the podcast as well as 4 highlights from the podcast. (Highlights can include ideas you strongly agree or strongly disagree with and everything in between).

3. Give a summary of the podcast to your mentor over FaceTime. The summary should include the overall message as well as 4 highlights. Students and mentors must establish a consistent meeting time every week.

Upon completing 20 podcasts students are eligible to receive a discounted OLAMI trip to Israel or other countries. 

Upon completing 15 podcasts students are eligible to compete in a Torah Slam on campus or online to win additional prizes. 

Upon completing 10 podcasts students are eligible to be a judge in a Torah Slam on campus or online.

Students can do a maximum of two podcasts per week and a minimum of one podcast every two weeks.

Stipends are paid over PayPal for every three completed podcasts.

Students must attend at least one Shabbat for every 20 podcasts they listen to.

Students must attend at least five events per semester. Events can be Shabbat dinner, Torah Slam or an in person meeting with your mentor.