Meor NYU Fellowship

Weekly Events on Campus
  • 10 Weekly Events
  • 2 Weekend Getaways
  • 1 Incredible Community

The fellowship meets weekly at the NYU School of Law on Tue. or Wed. evenings (7pm – 9pm).

$300 Cash Stipend

Earn a stipend of $300! (Students selected for leadership can earn up to $1,000 per semester!)

Professional Internship & Mentorship

Fellowship participants and alumni are eligible for an internship with the Jewish Professional Network. Check out partial list of our impressive mentors here.

International Travel (Highly Subsidized)

Earn a discounted trip to Israel or Poland for only $500. a $4,000 value!

Israel trip participants have the option of extending their time in Israel to land an internship with an Israeli company.

Incredible Summer Internships

Participants have the option to land incredible summer internships in Israel, New York or DC.
With over 700 companies to choose from you have a great chance of landing the internship perfect for you. (in the past 77% of our students got an internship with their top company choice and 92% of our students got an internship with their top three choices)

Other Awesome Upshots

Join a dynamic, wholesome, and fun community at NYU.

  • Allow Jewish Wisdom to add depth and meaning to your life and relationships.
  • Allow the magic of professional mentoring/ life coaching to give you added clarity and connections in your future career.
  • Fellowship alumni are eligible for subsidized apartments near NYU next semester.